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Get information on each chart below. There’s a brief description of each song, an MP3 sample of the song, and a downloadable PDF with more details about style, solo options, tempo, key, and more. To order charts go to the Chart Order Form.

Chart Prices: Downloadable PDFs (which you can print yourself) are $40 (Canadian). Paper charts mailed to you are $100 (Canadian). Tax is included in the price. The exception is Kolomeyka Fantasy (a large wind ensemble piece) which is $100 for the PDF and $200 for the Paper version.


Order Form

Fill out the form below (be sure to fill out all required fields), check off which chart (or charts) you want, then send in the form. The only method of payment at this stage is by mailing a cheque to Dean McNeill (there are payment details below in the form). Once payment is made you will be emailed a link with the information you need to access the chart and download all parts and the score as PDFs. If you order the paper version, that will be mailed to the address you provide below.

    Choose your Charts (required)

    All prices are in Canadian funds. Any taxes are included in the prices listed below. Please remember to choose PDF or Paper versions for your charts.Your Absence is Noted (PDF) - $40.00Your Absence is Noted (Paper) - $40.00Bunsen Burner (PDF) - $40.00Bunsen Burner (Paper) - $100.00CKUA (PDF) - $40.00CKUA (Paper) - $100.00Daze (PDF) - $40.00Daze (Paper) - $100.00The Fourth Dimension (PDF) - $40.00The Fourth Dimension (Paper) - $100.00Everyday Living (PDF) - $40.00Everyday Living (Paper) - $100.00Fall In (PDF) - $40.00Fall In (Paper) - $100.00For Sonny (PDF) - $40.00For Sonny (Paper) - $100.00Grattitude (PDF) - $40.00Grattitude (Paper) - $100.00Kolomeyka Fantasy (PDF) - $100.00Kolomeyka Fantasy (Paper) - $200.00Reflections (PDF) - $40.00Reflections (Paper) - $100.00Threads (PDF) - $40.00Threads (Paper) - $100.00Vasquez (PDF) - $40.00Vasquez (Paper) - $100.00Wheeler Dealer (PDF) - $40.00Wheeler Dealer (Paper) - $100.00

    Payment Information
    Cheques should be made out to: Dean McNeill. After submitting a chart order request, Dean will reach out to you with payment information.

    Click the 'Send Order' button to complete in your chart order. Dean will follow up with you by email or phone to confirm your order and to give you access to download any PDF charts you have ordered. Thank you.