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2019 UofS TEDx Conference speech by Dean McNeill entitled Please Listen Carefully

“Outside Voices” duo performance by Dean McNeill (trumpet) and Richard Carnegie (bass)

Sweetwater Fanfare composed by Paul Suchan performed by Dean McNeill, Guy Few & Aaron Bueckert

Description of Dean McNeill’s musical contribution to the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra’s Suite 150: A Big Band Portrait CD

A conversation between Dean McNeill and Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra Conductor Eric Paetkau discussing the differences and similarities between classical and jazz music

Premier performance of Scene of Plains Peoples Mov. III. The Fiddlers Where Grey Stones Stand, composed by Paul Suchan, performed by the UofS Jazz Ensemble conducted by Dean McNeill

Short TV interview exploring connections between the Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra and the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra

A video describing the recent work and mandate of the Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra

A video demonstration of an obscure brass instrument called the Jazzophone

Dean McNeill and Sylvia Shadick Taylor performing excerpt from Malcom Forsyth Sonata for Trumpet