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June 14, 2010: Latest News

U of S Jazz Ensemble CD release and joint Jazz Ensemble Alumni Concert, June 19, 2010

Alumni Concert: This first-every U of S Jazz Ensemble alumni concert will reunite members of this ensemble who have performed on our Department of Music "Bumper Crop" I, II, III, IV, and/or V jazz CDs, released over the past 10 years.

CD Release: In conjunction with the above alumni concert, we are pleased to announce the release of our fifth UofS Jazz Ensemble CD. This fifth CD is entitled "Bumper Crop V – Water Colors". CDs will be available at the concert. Proceeds from all CD sales will benefit the UofS Dept of Music's jazz area.

Concert Details
Saturday June 19, 2010
7:30 PM, Free Admission
Quance Theatre, U of S Education Building, Reception to follow



In This Section

U of S Jazz Ensemble alumni members performing include:

Adam Gillespie: Bari Sax
Paul Suchan: Tenor Sax
Jenelle Orcherton: Alto Sax
Tommy Davis: Alto Sax
Mike Kujperwieght: Tenor Sax
Dave Anderson: Trumpet
Matt Luciuk: Trumpet
Aaron Vopni: Trumpet
Adam Streisal: Trumpet
Vince Spilchuck: Trumpet
Paul Newton: Trumpet
Heather Ander son: Trumpet
Kristine Eggertson: Trombone
Sean Sinclaire: Trombone
Sarah Griffith: Trombone
Laurier Baribeau: Trombone
Shamus Currie: Trombone
Jeremy Drotar: Trombone
Graham Pritchard: Guitar
David Fong: Piano
Ian Sinclaire: Pi ano
Teegan Jeffers: Bass
Sorin Nissen: Bass
Arlan Kopp: Drums/Percussion
Roger Mercier: Drums/Percussion
Brett Ballon: Drums/Percussion
B.J Harris: Vocals
Gillian Snider: Vocals
Ashley Smith : Vocals
Dean McNeill: Director

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